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My coins in my personal collection:

"Phyllypsyus Bag Pack"

Templário Moniz "O Velho" Geocoin

Madeira Travel Pirate Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Geocacher's License

GeoMeeting by Phyllypsyus Geocoin

Phyll GeoShop Silver Geocoin

"Phyllypsyus Cache Mobile"

First To Find Phyllypsyus Award

11 11 11 Super Karma Geocoin

By Phyllypsyus Command Geocoin

Flash Mob IX Travel Tag

Phyll GeoShop Gold Geocoin

Block Party 2013 Geocoin

Dead Man's Party Geocoin

Idylwood Pirates Geocoin

11/12/13 Geocoin

Peneda-Geres Geocoin

GeoRibatejo.org limited Geocoin

Phyllypsysus MEGA Event Geocoin

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - COLLECTOR

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - EXPLORER

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - ACHIVER

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - NATURE LOVER

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - PUZZLER

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - SIGHTSEER

Seven Souvenirs of August Trackable - SOCIALIZER

Phyllypsyus Ying Personality Geocoin 2006

Phyllypsyus Yang Vitality Geocoin 2006

Phyllypsyus Sunset Flip Flops Geocoin

Pirate Wheel Geocoin

Cache Cat Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Cache Counter Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Suncompass Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Space Gate Geocoin

Christmas Phyllypsyus Angel Geocoin

Ice Pick Geocoin

Geowoodstock Turtle Tessellation Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Euro Cache Geocoin

RIPPER Bones Geocoin

Groid Phone Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Club June 2012 Geocoin

Phyllypsyus EarthTrek Geocoin

Year of the Horse Geocoin

Pieces of Eight Geocoin

Geoswag C&P Club October 2011 - Trade Fairly Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Lucky Sevens Event Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Club April 2008 Geocoin

Cache Dragon Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Pirate Treasures Geocoin

Geoswag C&P Club June 2013 Balloon Geocoin

Poker Chip Geocoin

Easter Egg 2014 Geocoin

Itsy Bitsy Bikini Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Bulgarian Mystic Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Celtique Power Geocoin

Brazilian Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Portucale Geocoin

Geo-Milestones - 50 Finds Geocoin

Geo-Milestones - 100 Finds

Geo-Milestones - 500 Finds Geocoin

Geo-Milestones - 250 Finds Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Guitar Pick Geocoin

Celtic Clover 2011 Geocoin

Hammer Geocoin

Cache Maintenance Geocoin

Highly Addictive Phyllypsyus Geocoin

Apres Cache Phyllypsyus Geocoin

Nacht der Vulkane 2013 Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Royal Flush Mob Flush Event - Spades Geocoin

Let's Poker Geocoin

Inês Love Love Espinho Gold Geocoin

Love Love..., Inês Câmara

Love Love..., Maria José Câmara

Love Love..., Phyllypsyus

Maria José Love Love Espinho Silver Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Love Love Espinho Gold Geocoin

7 of clubs Personal Phyllypsyus Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Event Micro Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Mega Event Micro Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Geocacher's Friend Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Half Heart in Love Geocoin

Geocoinfest Lisboa 2012 Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Achievement Finds 500 Geocoin

Phyllypsyus Caching On The Mars Geocoin

Eagle Scout Geocoin

The Wheel of Caching Geocoin

Rest in Peace Geocoins

Coinfather Phyllypsyus Geocoin

High Seas Pirate Adventure Geocoin

Mega THOR Hammer Geocoin

Norwegian Vikings Geocoin - "Never Get Lost"

Phyllypsyus Madeira Island - Atlantic Pearl Geocoin

Star Wars Interceptor - Phyllypsyus Comander Geocoin

GeoCoinfest - Las Vegas Dice

Savalen 2015 "Fool's Gold" Geocoin

May the 4th Be With You - Yoda Cache Saber Geocoin

The Great Norwegian Gold Viking Ax Geocoin

The Great Norwegian Silver Viking Ax Geocoin

Portugal 2014 Phyllypsyus Geocoin LE


Portugal 2014 Phyllypsyus Geocoin RE


The Grim Reaper Geocoin - Yama Edition

Prague Astronomical Clock Geocoin

Hannibal Geocoin

Geoswag C&P Club March 2014 - Steam Punk Dogs

Moga 2015 Phyllypsyus Geocoin

Marlin01 Milestone Geocoin

Napoleon Geocoin

GeoWoodstock 5 T'Shirt Geocoin

Honeychile Geocoin

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