Welcome To Carponen's Coin Page.

My coins in my personal collection:

Caching Around Maze

This coin was given to me as a gift by my sisters.

I want to find the Cache

Egyptian Scarab Geocoin

2 Million Caches

(Glows in the dark)

By Your Command

I also have two unactivated copy's of this coin for trade


A coin that reminds me of my first year of geocaching back when all I used was an Iphone.

Open Up a Can of Whoop Cache

Caching is in my Genes


Compass Rose  Kalahari

Rot13 Dragon Spinner

Gunnar Viking

Bjorn Viking

Erik Viking

Bjartr Viking Geocoin

Artist Edition

African Safari

African Safari


Mayan Spinner Geocoin


December 2009 Geocoin Club Coin


Caching the Wetlands

Geocoin Club June 2013

Geocoin Fairy

The original Micro Lid

Geocoin Club January 2010

Galactic Army Alien

Nesting Doll Coin Set

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